Canon Dual Pixel Raw Observations

Ghosting Reduction


According to the Canon Digital Photo Professional instruction manual ghosting reduction reduces the appearance of ghosting in images caused by unwanted internal reflections inside a lens

Ghosting can occur when shooting towards bright object.

Image with ghosting from a 24-70 f 2.8 L lens shoot at 24mm f 5.6 - lens hood was removed to intentionally make ghosting happened

Ghosting of image at 50% zoom

Ghosting reduction applied to image. Ghosting brightness is reduced but still very obvious


Ghosting reduction not only can reduce ghosting inside a camera lens, it can reduce reflections on a shinny surface such as glass window or tank also!

Image of glass fish tank took using a 50mm f 1.4 lens at f 1.4. A lot of ambient light reflections are visible.

Image with ghosting reduction applied, light reflections are dimmer and narrower. Some the brightness changes are a bit harsh and unnatural looking, the select area function of Digital Photo Professional can limit the changes to only the important part - such as the fish's back

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